ReNew Sheffield exists to encourage growth in meanwhile uses, pop-ups, temporary and long-term solutions and entrepreneurial start-ups in Sheffield City Centre so that we can improve the vibrancy of areas in transition and help businesses to grow.

The ReNew Sheffield project has grown out of the activity and passion of a number of local bodies and individuals who have been working in this capacity for several years.

With a shared passion to pull together to make the argument for meanwhile use stronger and to make projects better connected ReNew was created. ReNew works by building relationships between landlords, space holders and potential space users.

ReNew is supported by Sheffield City Council, Sheffield BID, Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield.

ReNew is designed to give you a first port of call when looking to use a meanwhile space in Sheffield City Centre.

A Call for Projects is now open, Expressions of Interest must be received by 22nd May 2022 in order to be considered.

Funding is not the be all and end all of ReNew, we are also here to provide connections to useful people, advice on the major issues and guidance on getting started.

What we are not

ReNew is not a landlord or a property agency, we do not ‘own’ spaces. We collaborate with landlords, space holders and property agencies and build relationships that help space users get in touch with space holders and showcase the value of temporary, pop-up and meanwhile use in Sheffield.

There are a number of groups in Sheffield already promoting meanwhile and pop up uses in their own locations and ReNew serves to support and promote these organisations not to compete with them.

For now ReNew is limited to Sheffield City Centre with a view to extend the reach of the project outside of the city centre in future years.

Board of Directors

Professor Vanessa Toulmin

Director of City & Culture, Office of Partnership & Regional Engagement
The University of Sheffield

Councillor Mazher Iqbal

Co-Chair for Transport, Regeneration & Climate Policy Committee
Sheffield City Council

Julian Dobson

Senior Research Fellow for Regional Economic and Social Research
Sheffield Hallam University

Richard Pilgrim

Project Manager
Sheffield City Centre BID

Richard Eyre

Director of Streetscene and Regulations
Sheffield City Council
Lucia Lorente-Arnau

Lucia Lorente-Arnau

City Regeneration Principal Development Officer
Sheffield City Council

Paul Lancaster

Commercial Property Consultant
Yvonne Asquith

Yvonne Asquith

Business Growth Manager
Sheffield City Council